Production Capacity
 Production Capacity & Workforce 
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Production Capacity

Forrest Nursery operates five separate nurseries: Territory Tree Nursery, Darwin; Pincher's Brook and Hillsborough, Donnybrook; Forrest Nursery Queensland, Bundaberg and Boyanup Botanical, Boyanup. The two Donnybrook nurseries and the Boyanup nursery have a current combined seedling production capacity of in excess of 30 million seedlings, the Queensland nursery has a capacity of over 5 million and the Darwin nursery has a further 9 million seedling capacity.

The infrastructure at the nurseries have been designed with an in-built capacity for rapid expansion of seedling production. With three months lead time, the Donnybrook and Boyanup nurseries seedling production capacity can be expanded to exceed 50 million seedlings. As a result, Forrest Nursery has the capacity to supply seedling demand for a rapidly growing industry.


Forrest Nursery currently employs 35 permanent staff and up to 40 itinerant staff depending on seasonal need.

The itinerant staff are usually backpackers. The nurseries are located in thriving horticultural or rural areas that attract and provide for backpackers so a ready supply of short term and immediate labor is available.

Forrest Nursery takes care in providing its staff with a safe workplace and complies with the Occupation, Heath and Safety regulation and all other relevant laws.