Plantation Seedlings
 Plantation Seedlings 
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The production of commercial Eucalyptus globulus for plantations is a speciality of Forrest Nursery, with extensive experience in producing them from both cuttings and seed. We are able to produce high quantities of trees, with a proven track record in quality and consistency. We also have extensive experience in handling clients exclusive genetic material and IP. The globulus we produce are shipped to plantations Australia wide, and are used for both pulp mills and saw logs. We have also had many years of experience with other species of Eucalyptus.

Other Plantation Crops

We have had a lot of experience growing many other Plantation crops in large quantities, these include:
- Pine
- Oil Mallees for carbon credits
- Acacias as host plants
- African Mahogany

All our seedlings are grown by trained horticulturalists and to the highest standard. Detailed record keeping and planning for each crop allows us to project and work towards delivering a high quality product each season.
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